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Meet the dynamic and dedicated team steering Velo Kids! Our Board of Directors is a vibrant mosaic of passion and professionalism, handpicked to champion our core values: accessibility, diversity, health, adventure, fun, safety and community. United by a shared mission to get more kids on bikes, they pedal the extra mile to ensure every child has the chance to experience the freedom and joy of cycling. 


They don't just sit in meetings; they're out there leading the pack, demonstrating that with a bike, every path leads to a new discovery and every ride is a step towards a healthier, more inclusive world. Join us in celebrating these individuals who are not just guiding our organization, but are also the wind beneath the wings (and wheels) of future generations of cyclists!


Phil Rozema
Board President
Phil Rozema.jpg

Phil loves to ride for fitness & being a part of the cycling community in the Holland area. He also loves going on bike adventures on the local trails & around town with his three sons, Tennessee, Sawyer, & Sutton. By day, Phil leads the fulfilment team at BuhlerPrince, Inc., where he has served for over 14 years. Phil grew up on the southeast side of Grand Rapids, but now resides in the Maplewood area on the southside (the best side) of Holland.

Shaina Strikwerda.jpeg

Shaina bikes for the adventure with friends, time in the woods, challenge in fitness, and life lessons learned. When she’s not on the tandem with her husband, Mark, she enjoys time on her mountain bike at local or Northern trails with her favorites including Upper Mac and Arcadia. During the day, she is privileged to work alongside riders and horses as a Recreation Therapist at Renew Therapeutic Riding Center in Holland.

Shaina Strikwerda
Board Secretary
Abby Harris.jpeg

Abby rides bikes because it’s the best excuse to spend time outdoors with her family. She enjoys mountain biking or cruising around town with the chariot with her husband Martin and one year old son Charlie. If Abby isn’t spending time on bikes with those two, she’s probably either hiking at a local park or teaching second grade at Waukazoo Elementary. Abby loves Velo Kids because it combines all of her favorite things: family, parks, community, and bikes!

Abby Harris
Board Vice President
Natalie Hirdes.JPG

Natalie started riding bikes with her husband, Ben, after their kids, Sullivan and Grant, were born. They enjoy biking to get away for a date night, have fun with great friends, meet new friends, and improve their fitness at the same time. They love riding as a family on the trails, the city streets, or in their yard. Natalie grew up in northern Indiana. She is a nurse by training but recently changed her career path drastically to IT. She works at Holland Hospital, and is so thankful to work for an organization that supports the family, community, and good health!

Natalie Hirdes
Board Member

Nate bikes for fitness, fun and that sweet feeling of freedom. Nate spends most of his time cycling on the road solo, with his family or groups of friends. He enjoys getting out in the woods the most as well as racing cyclocross, mountain and gravel. Nate has been around bikes his whole life and has a passion for anything bikes. Nate Joined Velo Kids to help bring the adventure, joy and freedom of bikes to kids from all walks of life. Nate lives Downtown Zeeland with his wife Kara and daughters Elle, Eimy and Luci.

Nate Koster
Board Member
Travis Gibbs.jpeg

Being raised in Boyne City helped Travis develop his passion for two wheels and snow. Riding bikes has always been a family activity growing up, and now with his own two children. Moving to the Holland area in 2013 to work at DISHER, has provided the opportunity to get involved with the West Michigan cycling community, something he is excited to grow with Velo Kids!

Travis Gibbs
Board Treasurer
image0 (1).jpeg

Aaron loves to bike in every season and for every reason. Trail riding is his favorite because it is a time to connect with nature, and get a little dirty doing it. The best part of raising his two daughters on bikes is helping them grow in their confidence and push their limits while enjoying life. Bikes are a way for us to connect with each other and learn more about ourselves. Aaron was born in Grand Rapids, and now lives in Holland and works as a pastor with the  Fearless Family of Churches.

Aaron Westhouse
Board Member
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